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16 June 2011 @ 06:28 pm
Flowers of Love (Spock/Uhura) PG-13  
Title: Flowers of Love
Author's name: pathsforme
Written for: linstock
Pairing/characters: Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG
Prompt: You can make blossom in me, Flowers of fire. ("Soaring Clouds HUANG O (1498-1569))
Warnings: Fluff. Also this is my very first Star Trek fanfiction I've written.
Disclaimer: Star Trek is property of Gene Roddenberry.

The first time they met had not been a romantic love at first sight sort of thing as Uhura recalls, in fact Uhura distinctly remembers that she couldn’t stand him. He was indifferent to her very presence, as any good Vulcan would have been. When Uhura had dedicated herself to her classes during her time at the academy, he had taken notice. It was one of the first few things that were positively spoken by him in regards to her during that time. It was through that which was the open door that led to the future of their relationship that went beyond assistant teacher and student.

Uhura once she realized what she was feeling seemed to come a bit later than Spock’s. While he was half Vulcan, his half human side had appeared to win out and he had asked her out first under the guise of attending a lecture by one the foremost zenolinguists in all of Starfleet. It had been followed by dinner. There had been several outings like that. It had been the tenth outing when he had kissed her. Uhura had to admit she had never been kissed like that and never would be by any man. Not that she’d been with any man other than Spock since then.

“I will return in a couple of hours,” Spock told her.

Uhura nodded as she stood up and crossed the distance that was between the both of them. When they were only a few inches away from each other, she looked at him and nodded. “I’ll be waiting,” Uhura told him and pressed her lips to his. She felt as if a fire bloom from her heart and outwards.

The kiss was short, chaste and seemed to evoke emotions that she had only become stronger with the passing time.

When they parted, Uhura could see the emotions pass through his eyes. Vulcans were a deep well when it came to their emotions, and Spock was no different. He seemed to have grip down on all of them as he nodded and walked away.


Spock had yet to bring up the topic he had planned on bringing up in the first place, marriage. It was the next step in his mind, a logical step. However, with reaching sexual maturity, it meant very different things for him and Nyota. With reaching a particular age for Vulcans, it meant the onset of pon farr. Due to his human genetics, his mother had bought him time to prepare for it. He could feel it, desire for Nyota.

For now, he would meditate for the next few hours before he spoke to her again. Spock found it increasing difficult as he walked away from Nyota’s quarters, not to return to her. However, if he was anything, Spock was stubborn, fiercely so.

The only thing he was more intense than his stubborn streak, than what he felt for Nyota. His father had once told him that they had felt more than humans would be able to, and he had come to learn this was true. What he felt when in her presence was layers of love, passion, desire, loyalty, friendship, and things that could not be explained in the human language.

It had not taken Spock long to make it to his quarters and towards the main sitting room which was cleared for a rather large space for him to meditate. If things with Nyota did not proceed in the way he hoped, he would likely have to spend much time in deep meditation as sleep would not assist him, they conjured images that only seemed to aggravate the pon farr state that he seemed to be entering into.

He sat down with his legs crossed in what he knew most humans to call ‘indian style’. He pushed everything away, nothing could reach him here. There were no thoughts or emotions, only the measurable peace he had now. Spock stayed this way for several hours, he had no perception of time when he reached this point. There was no sense of time, space, or location. When he finally came out of his meditative state, he was content and knew what he had to do.

Spock stood, taking a pair of clothes with him to the shower to change. It was always a cold shower, they always were. The water could never be quite as hot as he needed it to be. Once he was dried and dressed, he left his quarters and strode towards Nyota’s. It was illogical to postpone for how long he had already done.

“Nyota,” He called from the door and immediately the door was opened, revealing Nyota Uhura still in uniform. He gathered she had just gotten off the Alpha shift. Spock knew he would be expected on Delta shift soon.

“Were you able to clear your head?” She asked abruptly.

Spock quirked an eyebrow for a moment as he began to speak. “Indeed. I have come to a conclusion; I have been quite illogical when it comes to the subject of you and I.”

“Oh?” Nyota asked, her voice seemed to hold a tiny hint of confusion to her voice.

“Yes, I have allowed unfounded fears to dictate my actions of late,” He began again and slowly crossed the room. He could hear the parallel version of himself echoing inside his mind.

“Do what feels right.”

Spock kneeled and followed the earth custom as he pulled out a ring, “Be my wife?” The ring he pulled out revealed to be a white gold ring with a semi-mount.

“Yes,” She said without having o think about it all as he put the ring on her finger and she flew into his arms.

He didn’t think he could have been happier at that moment than he had been in his entire life.
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