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31 May 2011 @ 12:24 am
We Happy Few, We Band of Buggered [1/1] PG  
Title: We Happy Few, We Band of Buggered
Author: pathsforme
Beta: immortal_jedi
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam, Castiel, Sam/OFC (if you squint)
Rating/Genre: PG, Gen
Word count: 1,020
Spoilers: Only if you haven't seen Season 4 & 5
Warnings: AU, Demon!Dean, Fallen!Castiel, Anti-Christ!Sam, OFC
Summary: Team Free Will as they worked their way through season four and five to kill Lucifer.
Author notes: Prompt 20. AU S5. Evil!Team Free Will (as it were...) Dean is a demon. Sam is the Antichrist. Castiel is the angel who fell because the Winchesters are just that persuasive. However, they don't particularly want the world to end, and they're planning to go up against Lucifer. Possibly with help from demons and hunters and other creatures, that they've turned into an army. Gen, please, if at all possible


It had all started when Dean returned from Hell wrong. Castiel had thought he was bringing the righteous man from Hell and putting him back into his body. What he put in Dean was not a broken soul, but a demon, the protoge of Alistair. Dean returned, and found Sammy and had sensed Ruby right off the bat, he knew what she was here for, and the moment he saw Sam, he saw that smirk. Dean realized something deep within in his being: Sammy was the Anti-Christ. Dean couldn't have been happier. So the two proceeded with the charade of not believing Dean was back in front of Bobby and Ruby. When the two left, it was just Dean and Sam - as it should be.

"How did you get here?" Sam asked, his voice soft and excited.

"An angel dragged me out of Hell," Dean told him.

Sam snorted, "That was stupid of him."

"Yeah, no kidding." Dean told him. "So, how much do you trust Ruby?"

"Not by much, haven't figured her game yet."

"She's here to get you to resurrect Lucifer." Dean told him bluntly. "Just not sure how."

"We'll figure it out," Sam told him, and figure it out they did.

However, it was a bit too late in the end. Lucifer was still resurrected, Dean and Sam managed to escape from the gate to Lucifer's cage by using a sort of Shadow teleportation. They found themselves being met by angel, Castiel, in a trench coat.

"Lucifer is free because of you two, now the world will burn." Castiel told them, his voice angry.

"It was going to happen no matter what Castiel, look at Zachariah and your brothers. Raphael wanted the world to burn! If we didn't do it, then someone else was going to. We have to fight him Cas." Dean informed him.

"Why do you want to fight him Dean? You're a demon! Your brother is the Anti-Christ, abominations to my brothers." Castiel told the two of them.

"Because of him and his demons we were dragged into hunting, we would never have become this if we had a chance, Castiel. Dad and Dean would never had to make deals! I wouldn't be what I am. Jess might still be alive!" Sam snapped at Castiel.

"This is getting us nowhere," Dean told the both of them. "Are you with us Castiel or against us. We are going to kill Lucifer whether with your help or not."

Castiel had a pensive expression on his face as he watched the both of them. “I am with you, but I refuse to help you kill innocents.”

Sam had a distressed look on his face. “We will not be killing innocents, have you seen me kill anyone that was an innocent?”

“No,” Castiel answered.

“I may be a demon Castiel, but I save my blood thirst for the demons.” Dean informed him.

From there on, the trio spent their time working on building an army. Dean went back to Hell and began recruiting, just the way Alistair taught him, through pain and torture. He was rather content to torture people for months until they agreed. Decades could move on in hell when only months passed on Earth.

Of course, Dean couldn’t linger in Hell for more than a month, or Meg and her Prince of Darkness would have captured him. So he returned to earth with his army, who were more than willing to follow him and promised, the Anti-Christ, the Boy King. The future ruler of Hell.

Castiel and Sam had been busy as well, gathering recruits from all over the world, Hunters. People who wanted to fight to protect their families, innocent people who didn’t have to fight.

Naturally Dean and Sam kept the Hunters away from the Demons, just in case they tried to kill each other.

The trio had meetings for months in preparation to find a weakness in Lucifer. During a late meeting between the three generals, Castiel spoke.

“How do you plan on defeating Lucifer now?” Castiel demanded.

“How do you kill an angel?” Sam asked as he focused his gaze on the fallen angel.

“Only an angel can kill an angel,” Castiel told him.

“That’s not true,” Dean said. “When we went to get Adam last month from Zachariah, and I killed Zachariah with his own blade.”

“Do you still have it?” Castiel asked.

Dean pulled out an angel’s sword from his back under his leather jacket.

“We need one more,” Castiel stated.

“You mean like this?” Sam asked pulling out an angel’s blade.

Castiel paled and looked at Sam. “How do you have Gabriel’s sword?”

“It’s a loan,” Sam stated. “He’s still recovering from escaping from Lucifer, who tried to kill him. He said to use this to finish the job on Lucy.”

Dean started laughing. “Classic.”

Castiel pulled out his blade and said, “We can hope we have enough.”

A young woman by the name Morgan, a Texan Hunter marched into the tent as the boys put the blades away. “One of the scouts said they found Lucifer’s location, in Carthage, Missouri.” The twenty-something year old woman told them. “They stated there was a high concentration of Reapers there.”

“Death,” Sam said heavily as he stared at Dean and Castiel. “He’s going to raise Death.” He looked back to Morgan and said, “Tell the Hunters to be ready to move at a moment’s notice.” Morgan nodded and walked away.

When she was far enough not hear Dean spoke up. “Nice way to treat your girlfriend,” Dean told him.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Sam informed him.

“Yeah and you weren’t checking her out as she walked away?” Dean asked.



“Enough.” Castiel rang out.

“Times up,” Dean said as he stood up and left the tent, time to go get his toys.

Sam left the tent in the direction of the Hunters, it was time to give them the go ahead, and Castiel followed suit.

Whether the world ended tonight was dependent on them, if they failed, the world would fall.
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Paigekate_mct on May 31st, 2011 02:35 pm (UTC)
Loved this!
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Thank you!